Life Is A Sport - We'll Get You Through It
Life Is A Sport - We'll Get You Through It
Life Is A Sport - We'll Get You Through It

Sports Massage and Medical Massage NYC


-We are happy to announce that we are able to accept NYSHIP Empire Plan insurance. You may email us a copy of your card to get started!

-Massage Therapy may be covered by your FSA or by your insurance plan. While we don't accept any insurance, we will help you find out if you can get reimbursed and the information needed. Call or email for details!






Manual Lymphatic Drainage - We are pleased to announce that our therapist Damion is certified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage! Lymphatic drainage is a light touch massage aimed at our lymphatic system. It is extremely beneficial after surgery, including cosmetic surgery for the reduction of swelling and to aid the healing process.


Body Balancing Massage Therapy
Whether you are looking for relief from an existing problem, or to add massage to your current wellness program, Body Balance Massage Therapy can help. Take a look around our website to see how you can benefit from massage!

This is not a typical full body massage! Your concerns will be fully addressed during your visit. You can request a specific technique or you can let your therapist tailor a treatment to best suit your needs. Our team of talented therapists have dealt with and treated a wide range of conditions and will ensure that you will leave with a sense of relief.

Sports Massage Treatments

Sports massage is very helpful for professional athletes and weekend warriors alike. It is a great way to keep muscles loose, increase flexibility, reduce injuries and improve recovery time. Sports massage can be easily integrated into your training program with treatments based on your schedule. You can discuss your goals and needs with your therapist to determine what might work for you!

**We specialize in sports massage for runners! Marathon runners and endurance athletes often use massage as part of their training. Whether it be your first race or you are a veteran, massage can make a big difference in your training.**

Medical Massage Treatments

Medical massage will focus on the issue you are having and try to find the cause of your pain. Whether it be trigger points, muscular imbalances or postural distortions your therapist will not only help alleviate your pain during your session but will give you tips that will help you keep improving even after your visit!

During a medical massage treatment we may use: Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, PNF Stretching, Myofascial Release, Lymphatic Drainage for swelling and more.

Making Massage Part of Your Wellness Program

It is easy to make regular massage part of your wellness program. Receiving massage even just once a month can make a difference. Your therapist can speak to you about your goals and recommend a plan for long term preventative care.